Create a Whitepaper

Create a Whitepaper

We all know that you need a whitepaper in order to tell potential investors what you’re new cryptocurrency or token is all about. Also keep in mind that you will need more than just a whitepaper. Being able to present your idea on your website is also key.

When creating a whitepaper, you can’t just throw random verbiage on the document and expect to hit a home run. Your whitepaper needs to detail out your whole project from beginning to end and you can’t leave out any details. It needs to contain the idea and how your idea will disrupt the market you’re trying to reach. If you can’t disrupt or change a market then just forget it. You’ll fail. You either disrupt the market with new technology or create something new that the market doesn’t have. Adding something that offers little to no change will fall flat.

In short, your whitepaper is your business plan. You’ll need an executive statement, mission statement on how you plan to disrupt the market, team members, token allocation, analytics, testimonials, strategy/marketing plan, ico details, bounty programs and lastly a proof of concept (if any). These are your core basics. You need them and they need to be very specific.

Your whitepaper should be in PDF format and you should have it translated. Not auto-translated by Google but hiring a real translator to translate your whitepaper into the most major languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, French, Hebrew and others. Now if you’re going to offer a bounty program for translation then you most likely won’t have to hire a translator but having your whitepaper translated into these languages is key.

If you need help with writing your whitepaper then give Rebusify a call. We’ve written many and can help you do it the right way.

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