Rebusify Fee Structure

Below you’ll find a breakdown of fees that Rebusify charges for some of its services. If you have any questions about our fees or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Advisory Team Page

A strong list of Advisors is critical to the success of your ICO.  Advisors with Banking, Finance, Blockchain and prior ICO expertise is key.  We are very selective about the projects we support or participate in.  An Advisor providing services with title and/or team page listing within an ICO, typically earns an Advisor fee of 1% to 3% of total ICO token count.  This usually includes LinkedIn photo/profile, press releases, and advisory services throughout the ICO.

ICO Consultancy

We charge  .20 (point 20) BTC for ICO Consultancy. This is designed to build your overall ICO Project Roadmap to ensure adequate time for your project to grow. Call or Skype us for more details.

ICO Calendar Listing

To have your ICO listed on our ICO Calendar the fee is .10 (point 10) BTC. Submit your ICO Listing.

If any of our advisors join your team then your ICO Calendar Listing is free.

Whitepaper Creation

If you would like Rebusify to write your Whitepaper then be sure to contact us with details of your project so that we can accurately quote a price.

Social Media Promotion

Rebusify has a large social media following that includes cryptocurrency investors, promoters and enthusiasts. Please contact us for specific pricing on social media promotion.

Smart Contract Creation

Rebusify can create your smart contract on Ethereum at a cost of .10 (point 10) BTC for a standard token issuance. If you require a more in depth smart contract please contact us.

Sell Website for BTC

If you’re looking to sell a website, our fee is .20% (point 20) BTC to sell your site.

By using any one of our ICO Services, you will receive a free listing in our ICO Calendar. Call or Skype us for more details.

When you’re ready simply call us or email us to get started.

Phone: 503-882-0099