ICO Advisor

ICO Advisor

You’re launching an ICO and you need ICO Advisors to fill your team page because without a great relevant team you’re new cryptocurrency project will go nowhere fast.

So you’ve got the product and it’s cutting edge but you lack the ICO  skills to get it off the ground. Did you know that 99% of all visitors to your site will check your team page first? Putting a few photos up there won’t do it. I good team equals a good project.

Don’t even think about putting fake people on your team page. People will see right through that. You have to show a good team with good LinkedIn profiles. This is key and this is where Rebusify comes in. Our Advisory Board will help give credit to your ICO project. Keep in mind that Rebusify does not just add our advisors to any project. We carefully evaluate all ICO projects to ensure credibility as well as worthiness.

As an ICO Advisor to your project you can rest in knowing that our team will promote your project through all of our channels and the best part is that we do not charge you for our advisory service.

If you have questions then feel free to Contact Us.

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