Rebusify has a wide range of ICO Token Launch Services – Not surprisingly, many are based on a model of mutual success, typically costing nothing up-front.  Here are just a few of the services we provide:

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ICO Advisory Board Services

With so many ICO’s emerging every day, assembling the right Advisory Board is critical. You can have the best product in the world, but without a reputable team supporting it, you’ll go nowhere quickly. Team with Rebusify to build an advisor body that demonstrates to investors that you are serious about your solution and committing the proper resources right at the start.

ICO Consultancy

We’ve seen it far too often – A startup tries to “wing it” with an ICO pre-sale or half-baked Smart Contract, and the ICO fails miserably.  Anyone can throw up a whitepaper and start Tweeting, thinking people will flock to their project – But the market has already matured past that, and the forums will light up with comments calling you a fraud and scam. You need a great concept WITH a complete plan leading up to your ICO.  Let us help you do it the right way.

ICO Calendar

Get your ICO project listed on the Rebusify ICO Calendar page. Hundreds of investors and unique visitors view our ICO Calendar page looking for information on the latest or hot new ICO’s. Get your ICO in front of them. Visit the ICO Calendar page now to see why your ICO needs to be there.

Whitepaper Creation

Creating that perfect Whitepaper is essential to securing the funding you need to be successful. Without a solid message built into a proper Whitepaper, you’re basically dead in the water. Rebusify can assist you with copywriting, reviewing, preparing, editing and finalizing your Whitepaper to ensure that it promotes your product or service accurately and effectively.

Twitter Promotion

Twitter is essential in getting the word out about your upcoming ICO. We have assembled a large following on Twitter. These followers are mostly investors looking for new and unique ICO’s to take part in. Let us help promote it through our Twitter channel.

LinkedIn Connections

We never disclose how many connections we have established on LinkedIn, and they continue to grow daily. They are extensive and are built from decades of professional relationships in Banking, Technology, Finance, Crypto, Professional Services, Consulting, Legal, etc.  As with our Twitter focus, they typically are investor centric and/or cryptocurrency enthusiasts always looking for tips, insights or ways to jump on the next ICO project.

Facebook Promotion

Rebusify has the power to promote your ICO through our Facebook Page to the thousands of investors and enthusiasts that follow us.

Smart Contract Creation

If you need a Smart Contract created for Ethereum – Rebusify can save you thousands of dollars compared to some services offered out there. Let Rebusify help you create a Smart Contract that delivers the right message and terms.  Our team of Solidity developers can get your Smart Contract created quickly and audited to ensure security.  Do it right – Contact Rebusify .

Smart Contract Audits

Reputable Smart Contract developers know, having the contract audited is key. You want as many experienced professionals inspecting the code as possible – Making certain it is correct and reviewed completely for security bugs.  NEVER trust just one developer to write and proof your Smart Contract – Get the experts at Rebusify to validate the work.

GitHub Account Creation/Management

You will need a GitHub account to put your Smart Contract code into. Rebusify can assist you in creating this account securely, and getting your smart contracts properly loaded.

Telegram Account Creation/Management

We can help you create and populate your Telegram account with relevant ICO enthusiasts and similarly interested people that will help move your project along.  Failing this step will likely land your ICO details at the bottom of forums with little to zero visibility.

Slack Account Creation/Management

We can help you create and populate your Slack account with relevant ICO people to help move your project along – NOTE: We no longer recommend using Slack, due to increased phishing tactics reported by various sources.

Reddit Account Creation/Management

We can help you create and populate your Reddit account with relevant content and users.

Email Newsletter Services

Rebusify has over 40,000 subscribers to our newsletter service, and grows daily. These subscribers are directly interested in cryptocurrency, investing and the latest ICO activities.

Buy/Sell Website Services

If you’re looking to sell your website for BTC or buy a website with BTC then be sure to contact us. All sales are private and domain ownership is verified. Rebusify also provides free internal BTC escrow services.