Sell Business For Bitcoin

More and more people are looking to sell their business for Bitcoins. With the global acceptance for Bitcoin and the rising price of it, we can see why. So if you’re looking to sell your business for Bitcoins then Rebusify can help you do just that.

Rebusify is now helping businesses sell them in exchange for Bitcoin. While we’re not the escrow aspect of the sale, we will bring sellers and buyers together so if you are looking to sell your business then contact us and let us know about your business.


Simply Contact Us and give us the details about your business as well as the amount of Bitcoin you’re asking for. We’ll email our base of buyers and let them know about your business.


If you’re looking to buy a business/website with Bitcoins then please subscribe to our Sellers Newsletter (below). We will send you weekly emails about new businesses that are for sale.




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