We are building Viola.AI to be the world’s smartest dating and relationship A.I. Viola.AI will be the first A.I evolves based on the user’s relationship stage. Still finding the one? Viola.AI will find you matches and coordinate that date for for you. Found someone that you are interested in? Viola.AI will provide advice and ideas on how to attract them and sustain the chemistry. It’s your first year anniversary? Viola.AI will remind you and recommend gifts and arrange a surprise.

Viola.AI uses the Blockchain to verify the identity and photos of all users. The personalization data is then encrypted onto the devices to secure against hacks. This prevents cat-fishing with an aim to reduce love scams and subscription fraud.

The VIOLA token is an ERC20 token that can be used for marketplace transactions between users and merchants (experts, florists, services, wedding planning etc). Merchants wanting to reach more customers must use VIOLA tokens to advertise. There is a slow burning mechanism after every transaction that is designed to push the token price up in the medium and long term as a reward to early buyers.

Ethereum Smart Contracts would enable the community to enjoy the fruits of their contributions to VIola.AI via smart contracts automatically rewarding VIOLA tokens, spreading the financial benefits to the many rather than being left in the hands of a few.

The AI that we are building will transform billions of relationships and we cannot do this on our own. We need your help and your support. 

Although we are building Viola.AI even as we speak, any VIOLA tokens sold we will help us make Viola.AI a reality FASTER and with BETTER features to benefit billions of singles and couples. That is why we are now offering early supporters a huge bonus tokens (limited time only) during this pre-sale as a thank you gift for your belief and faith in us.

Interested in finding out more on this exciting project, click here. 

Jamie and Violet
Co-Founders of Viola.AI

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