Why Blockchain Matters For Reviews

Why Blockchain Matters for Reviews

Ever since the creation of Bitcoin, blockchain has become something of a buzz word, but it is extremely important to the future of the Internet. If you’re not familiar with blockchain, then think of it in this way: a blockchain is more than just “a chain of blocks.” It is a decentralized ledger with no[…]

Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain

Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain

Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain You’re probably wondering why blockchain would have anything to do with an online review system. The fact is, blockchain can be used to store much more than Bitcoin transactions. In reality, blockchains can be used to store any piece of information that needs to be protected from manipulation while still[…]

TrustJacked by TrustPilot

TrustJacked by TrustPilot Reviews

For those who aren’t familiar with TrustPilot, this company allows anyone to post anything they want about any company they want, opening the door to competitors and internet trolls who are out to slander your business. Rebusify recently had a conversation with Andrew about fake reviews that were being posted about his business on TrustPilot.[…]