A Beginner’s Guide to Online Reviews

Guide to Online Reviews

Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Online Reviews. Here we will show you how online reviews work and how they can be used to research online merchants before you buy.

The first thing you need to know is that over 90% of all potential customers read reviews before they buy a product or service. This has changed over the last 10 years so if you don’t have online reviews then your potential customer will move on to the next company that does have reviews and that is called leaving money on the table and simply missing out. Don’t lose money that way.

Getting Better Reviews

The key to getting better reviews is to work your ecommerce site in a way that gives your customers the warm fuzzies and that includes having a very nice looking site that is laid out well. You want a short checkout process. The fewer the steps the better. Don’t bury your contact information and include a live chat to speak with potential customers. You’ll be surprised at how many sales you’ll get by answering their questions quickly. Remember, they came to your website to buy something so sell them something and be nice and friendly. Don’t be short and keep your answers precise to the question being asked and don’t try to oversell your product. They want something and if you don’t have it be honest. If your product can’t do it then be up front about it. You’ll likely have a future customer by doing this.

After the sale you want to follow up with your customer and ask them to leave a review. Possibly offer them a coupon to leave a review. Maybe offer 10% discount on their next product if they leave a review. This ensures repeat customers.

What To Do About a Mad Customer

Sometime in the lifespan of your company you will have many unhappy customers simply because it’s virtually impossible to please everyone. What you do here is critical. The last thing you want is a upset customer to leave a bad review so fix the situation before it comes to that. If you have to offer a refund or other products and be nice. Remember, one bad review can turn a lot of people off so keep the customer service going the way it should be.

If you’re a bitter person then you have no business being an an online business because your attitude will come off to your customers. There’s no reason to be bitter. Be happy, you get one shot at this life and going through it bitter will get you nowhere!

Build Up Your Customer Base of Reviews

If you’re just starting out it’s going to take some time to build up your customer review base and Rebusify has the free tools to help you do that. Create your company profile page here at Rebusify and add some of your top products to the page. People will be doing review searches on your company and they will land on your company profile page here at rebusify.com so be sure you have it set up properly and that you’re getting your reviews posted. This ensures trust, transparency and the best part it can help increase revenue and reputation and that is key for every ecommerce merchant store owner.

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