September 5, 2017

About Rebusify

Who  We Are:

Welcome to Rebusify Reviews. 100% real and 100% trusted reviews by real customers of ecommerce websites using the Rebusify Confidence System and the Ethereum Blockchain.

What We Do:

Most all review sites like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, RipOffReport and a host of others all allow for fake reviews. This means that anyone with a grudge or a competitor can say what they want about any site and these site owners refuse to remove these slanderous reviews. Why? Because for each review they get and each comment they get on that review amounts to more money for them. This is wrong on so many levels and don't expect the federal government to help. They have stated that site owners are not responsible for the content that people post on their sites. Even presented with proof that the review is from a competitor they still will refuse to remove it. Enough is enough!

Welcome to Rebusify Reviews, Authentic and Trusted Reviews on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How It Works:

At Rebusify, my team and I have created the Rebusify Confidence System which is a system that works with Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Joomla and other payment solutions that allow actual customers to leave real reviews on the transactions that they created with the merchant.

When the customer buys a product or service on any website using the Rebusify Confidence System, they have 30 days to leave a 1 through 5 start review along with a title and description of the product or service. Once they create that review it’s immediately ported over to where it becomes searchable. We can even take it a step further by putting the reviews on the Ethereum blockchain where it becomes a permanent record impossible to be modified.

With the Rebusify Confidence System, real merchants can now send potential customers to Rebusify to view their company profile page along with real reviews from their real customers. Not some fake negative reviews from unscrupulous competitors, ex-employees or someone with an ax to grind.

Each company that uses the RBS gets their own SEO optimized company page where all the company details are listed along with all of their verified reviews whether they're good or bad. These show up on Google when people do review searches for the company.

Why Blockchain?

When you think of a blockchain you think of a decentralized ledger meaning that no central point controls the data. That plays well into online reviews simply because you can't fake the blockchain. The blockchain serves as 100% undeniable trust of a transaction. Rebusify records each review to the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure 100% accuracy. This now puts ALL online review sites on notice and lets them know that the days of allowing fake reviews to destroy a reputable company's reputation are OVER!

What we Offer:

As of right now we are only supporting WordPress websites that use Woocommerce for we have created the Woocommerce Rebusify Extension. This allows all WordPress websites that sell products and services using Woocommerce to utilize the Rebusify Confidence System. We are working on a plugin for Shopify, Magento, Joomla and others as well as a custom integration that will be released soon. Stay tuned for Updated News from Rebusify on the release of these additional products.