AdvanDate Discusses Increased Revenue

AdvanDate ReviewIn a recent conversation with AdvanDate, a leading dating software provider, they explained out they had been plagued with fake reviews from an overseas competitor. This is a prime example of what the Rebusify Confidence System can do to help online merchants regain their online reputations.

Since 2009 AdvanDate had been the target of a overseas competitor that took to all the review sites posting fake reviews and downright slanderous posts about the company and the owner. These were personal attacks designed to ruin the online reputation of the business and the owner. The reviews the business were getting were absolutely crazy. Some of the post called the owner as running the biggest scam in American history. The business owner tried in vain to get the review sites to remove the removes but they refused. Even when the reviews were so outlandish that anyone in their right mind would know they were fake, they still refused to remove them. They simply just didn’t care. As a result, AdvanDate lost around 30% of their business.

This fake review tactic is a common tactic that unscrupulous site owners use to destroy their competitors reputations. The idea is that if a competitor can destroy the reputation of their competition then that would mean more business for them. As AdvanDate told us, the market was just cut throat with so many overseas players.

Enter the Rebusify Confidence System. AdvanDate added the RCS to their Woocommerce payment plugin and started posting real customer reviews to our system and the Ethereum Blockchain. Once a few reviews were added they then added the Rebusify Branded Review Badge to their sidebar. This would send potential customers to Rebusify to see 100% authentic customer reviews about AdvanDate. Within 45 days of using the RBS, AdvanDate started to see an uptick in their revenue.

“In the 20 years I’ve been selling online I have never come across a system designed to give us back what competitors have been taking for years, our reputation!” says Rick, owner of AdvanDate.

Rebusify is the next generation in online reviews designed to help companies that have had their reputations tarnished by fake online reviews.

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