Rebusify Free Giveaway

Rebusify Premium Service Giveaway

FREE GIVEAWAY! Rebusify is offering a Free Giveaway! Over the next 30 days we will pick one profile to showcase in our upcoming case study as well as provide 6 months of our Lite Plan Service as well as share your reviews on our social media accounts for maximum exposure. INCLUDES: 6 Months Premium Service[…]

The Problem with Reputation Management Companies

The Problem with Reputation Management Companies

If you’ve ever seen a negative review about your business on social media or a fly-by-night business review site, your mind probably starts racing with questions. Who would do this to me? Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? Unless a dissatisfied customer reached out to you directly, the review is probably fake.[…]

Rebusify Confidence System for WooCommerce

Rebusify Launches Rebusify Confidence System

Rebusify announces launch of the Rebusify Confidence System – An all new system using patent pending blockchain technology to end fake reviews. Portland, OR – Thursday, May 02, 2019 – Rebusify has introduced and launched a new WordPress plug-in for WooCommerce users, to provide valid, trusted online reviews in an effort to protect Merchants and[…]

Why We Started Rebusify

Why Rebusify Was Started

My name is Michael, and I started Rebusify from the idea that there must be real and verified reviews about companies online, that people can trust. In 2010, I started a niche-market software company. Within a year of being in business, I began to see my sales drop and my domain popping up on random[…]