Best Reviews For 2020 | How to get them

The year 2020 will be the year of the best reviews. Why? Because merchants are starting to realize that more and more consumers are looking for the best reviews on companies and they are starting to see through the fake reviews and their making more informed decisions on the products and services that they buy. Are you getting your customers posting the best reviews?

What is Changing?

For starters, the days of Influencer Marketing are over. People just have Influencer Fatigue. What is replacing it is more branded communities which is large groups of people that help brands by being a part of the community in which the brand is a part of.

It’s still true that over 90% of consumers search for reviews before making a purchase and they’ve become educated on how to decipher fake positive reviews and trust me, there’s tons of fake reviews out there.

Another change comes in the form of what Rebusify offers and that’s reviews added to the blockchain. This is proving to show added trust and transparency for merchants for the simple fact that once the review has been posted to the blockchain it can’t be edited or deleted. A permanent record will exist for that review.

This new patent pending blockchain technology is changing the way reviews are being gathered and posted and is changing the way unscrupulous competitors try to destroy the reputation of a reputable merchant which we’ve seen thousands of times.

Consumers and merchants both deserve better and that is exactly why Rebusify was created.

Rebusify Reviews Mobile App

How to get Best Reviews in 2020

Some of the key components of getting the best reviews is to reach out to your existing customer base. If you provide a great product or service then your customers won’t have any problem giving you a review so reach out to them.

Every time you chat with someone via email, phone or live chat on your website you need to request a review from them. Doesn’t matter if they bought a product from you, if you’re doing great things ask people to review you. Won’t hurt to ask.

Reach out to customers right after the sale and follow up a few weeks later to ensure all is well and then ask for a review. The bottom line is that you should do the right thing and good things will follow. Call it Karma if you will.

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