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Always use real customer reviews.

Reasons Why You Should Use Real Customer Reviews

For over 10 years now there have been fake online reviews and they have either hurt or helped merchants in their ecommerce efforts. While hundreds of thousands, if not millions of merchants have been negatively affected by fake reviews, the case now to show real customer reviews is greater than ever. Just view the Fake Read more about Reasons Why You Should Use Real Customer Reviews[…]

Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain

Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain

The title of our blog post is┬áTrusted Reviews On The Blockchain and that’s exactly how the Rebusify Confidence System (RBS) works. Days of fake negative reviews destroying good merchants are over! The RBS works like this. For example; A Woocommerce merchant downloads and installs the Woocommerce RBS Extension and every time a customer on their Read more about Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain[…]

TrustJacked by TrustPilot

TrustJacked by TrustPilot

Rebusify had a conversation recently with Andrew about fake reviews that were being posted on TrustPilot and TrustPilot wouldn’t remove them. Here’s Andrews story. 2 Years Ago Andrew spotted fake negative reviews against his companies websites and having experienced this before he was able to investigate and identify the competitor behind it. This led to Read more about TrustJacked by TrustPilot[…]

Rebusify Takes On Fake Review

Rebusify Takes On Fake Reviews

As you know and having visited, online reviews are a huge problem in the ecommerce world and Rebusify WILL put a stop to it. Rebusify will disrupt the whole Online Reviews industry with the Rebusify Confidence System (RCS). Fake reviews are a dangerous problem and have even formed a growing cottage industry of paid Read more about Rebusify Takes On Fake Reviews[…]