Boost Your Conversion Rate

What is Review Marketing?

Review Marketing is the effect of strengthening your SEO, SMM and SEM by leveraging the power of amazing reviews. Your customers are going to do most of the marketing for you. This is essentially review marketing. When you signup here at Rebusify, you get your own company profile page that is optimized for Google search results. Your reviews will then show up on your company profile page that is indexed by Google.

Over 90% of web users will search for online reviews before making a purchase. When someone types your domain then review ( review) then your Rebusify company profile page will show up. Those potential customers will see your reviews as well as your company products right on your company profile page.

Rebusify merchants see on average 15% or more in revenue. This is because of the review marketing that we mentioned above and this is how you boost your conversion rate.

What Specifically Can I Do?

The Rebusify Confidence System is designed to showcase your real customer reviews, increase exposure for those reviews and your site as well as create more revenue for your site. It’s just that simple. Because people are looking for reviews and looking at your company profile page you will want to add your top products to that page. It’s called cross-promoting. What better way to promote your products or services than to do so while potential customers are reading your reviews.

While Rebusify can help you increase your trust, transparency and revenue, it’s up to you to give your customers amazing customer support. Be awesome with them. Give them more than they want. Give them the warm fuzzies and ask them for reviews. Don’t be worried if you get a 3 star review. Try to work with the customer to turn that 3 star into a 4 or 5.

Boost Traffic With Rich Snippets

Rebusify adds Google’s Rich Snippet data to every company profile page so that your review rating will appear in Google search results. This will boost your Google ranking and let your website business stand out in the crowd. Traffic to your company profile page and to your website is increased due to more people clicking on results that have rich snippets. Do know that it can take a few weeks for rich snippet data to show up in the Google results.