Building Better Trust for 2021

First and foremost I hope this blog finds you all doing well for health and family are paramount in this current situation.

Raise your hand if you’re eagerly waiting for 2020 to be over? Did we just see billions of people raising their hands? You bet we did. We, like you and the rest of the world are waiting for this year and Covid to be over! 2020 has brought so much awfulness that it seems like it might take years to recover from it. Let’s hope that it doesn’t.

Since we’re all hoping for a better 2021, in this blog post I’m going to discuss ways that you can build better trust in the year 2021.

Being Honest

When it comes to building trust the point is for others to believe what you say and as an eCommerce company that’s vital. So showing others that you’re being honest involves not only saying it but showing it and that means keeping your word when you say you’ll do something and also not making promises that you can’t keep. When you keep your word you show others that you’re being honest and that in turn builds better relationships, trust and transparency.

Personally Dealing With Issues

If you’re running your own eCommerce company and you’ve got customer issues going on then it’s time to get in and deal with your customers in a hand holding kind of way. That means getting in there and figuring out what’s going on and fixing it. Most mom and pop shop eCommerce companies don’t have managers and large staffs to deal with day to day issues with customers so it’s very important that you don’t push away the customer for they will talk badly about your business.

Customers want to be supported from the beginning to the end and if you bail out during those steps then you’ve not only lost a customer but that customer will take to the web and speak badly of your business, again, you do not want that. One bad review can cost you over 30% in lost revenue so do the right thing and get in there and deal with it. Walk the customer through the whole process and if you’re a small shop then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to push contact information on your site where it can be found easily. No one likes to hunt for contact info and you have to respond. Don’t wait days. If you can resolve the issue right away then do so.

Deliver More Than Expected

This one is a bit harder for businesses to understand. As I’ve stated above, if you’re a mom and pop type of business (Small) then you need to put forth more effort and in this example you need to deliver more than what’s expected and that basically comes down to going above and beyond what is required. If that means personally contacting the customer to let them know when a shipment will be there or asking them how things are going, then you’ll be looked at as delivering more than what is expected. So call that customer and see how they are. Even if it’s just to ask them how they’re doing and right now people can use that personal touch so do exactly that, give a personal touch. Going into 2021 and coming out of this horrible 2020 people just need a little more so be that person!

Responding Quickly To Customers

When it comes to your customers, quick is always better. The quicker you can respond to a customer the happier they will be. In an internet world where people want instant answers, getting back to them quickly is vital.

Don’t bury contact details on your website. If you’re doing that like some large companies, you’re only sending the wrong message to your customers and that is you don’t want to hear from them. Sadly some companies don’t want to deal with customers. They think their too big to have to do that. I think that’s wrong and I tell merchants to not do that. Keep phone number and email in the footer of your website so it shows on all pages. Answer the phone and respond to emails as soon as you get them. I can’t tell you how many customers I’ve dealt with where I responded as soon as the email came in and the reply back to me was “Wow, that was fast!”. That’s what you want to read. That’s a happy customer in the making so be sure to respond quickly to your customers. You’ll have better trust for doing so.

Creating Content That Customers Look For

Not all customers are created equally. They all want something a little different so the content you create should not only speak to the masses but you should also refine it in such a way that it can speak to others as well. That means creating content that is unique and has the customers interest at heart. If you sell custom picture frames then creating content about growing vegetables is not relevant and your customers won’t stick around to read it so create content related to your eCommerce site but expand into different areas. While writing a blog about picture frames is great, don’t forget to include things that include expand past the topic. You could add more content about types of art that fit specific types of frames or types of wood/metal that can be used. The idea here is to expand upon the topic to reach all readers interested in picture frames.

As for building more trust and transparency going into 2021, the important thing is to be responsive, be honest and be transparent. Be those and your eCommerce business will do well.

If you have questions or comments about trust and transparency going into 2021 then be sure to Contact Us.