Rebusify Free Giveaway

Rebusify Premium Service Giveaway

FREE GIVEAWAY! Rebusify is offering a Free Giveaway! Over the next 30 days we will pick one profile to showcase in our upcoming case study as well as provide 6 months of our Lite Plan Service as well as share your reviews on our social media accounts for maximum exposure. INCLUDES: 6 Months Premium Service[…]

Online Reviews with Rebusify Confidence System

Online Reviews

Establish a Good Reputation Over the years, the wide-ranging popularity of online reviews and customer feedback has significantly grown. Online reviews help individuals decide which services and products they must buy or decide where they should travel, eat and more. Over time, online reviews have become an intrinsic part of online businesses. Many studies were[…]

The Problem with Reputation Management Companies

The Problem with Reputation Management Companies

If you’ve ever seen a negative review about your business on social media or a fly-by-night business review site, your mind probably starts racing with questions. Who would do this to me? Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? Unless a dissatisfied customer reached out to you directly, the review is probably fake.[…]

WooCommerce Plugin for Verified Reviews Update 1.0.4

WooCommerce Review Extension 1.0.4

Rebusify has released version 1.0.4 of the Rebusify Verified Reviews WooCommerce Extension for WordPress websites which can be downloaded via the My Account area as well as the WordPress Repository. New features in the latest version include an icon update for those WordPress themes that use icons on the WooCommerce My Account page. You can[…]

Rebusify Confidence System for WooCommerce

Rebusify Launches Rebusify Confidence System

Rebusify announces launch of the Rebusify Confidence System – An all new system using patent pending blockchain technology to end fake reviews. Portland, OR – Thursday, May 02, 2019 – Rebusify has introduced and launched a new WordPress plug-in for WooCommerce users, to provide valid, trusted online reviews in an effort to protect Merchants and[…]