Truth Behind TrustPilot Premium

Truth Behind TrustPilot Premium

A simple look at the truth behind TrustPilot’s premium plans and what it means to companies and their reputations. It’s no secret that TrustPilot and the likes charge an outrageous amount for its monthly premium plans and they appear to be in line with what people have said on the Internet that TrustPilot engages in[…] is Extortion is Extortion

“ is Extortion”, says Bill O’Reilly. You know it’s a sad day for fake review sites when you’re showcased on a major news station as an extortion site but do we really need to be told this? This is common knowledge yet there are millions of people that read into what RipOffReport as well as[…]

SiteJabber Destroys Businesses

SiteJabber Removes Real Reviews

A simple search on SiteJabber for their own company website reveals shocking evidence of reviews being removed. What is not so shocking is that SiteJabber does this. Giving themselves 5 stars pretty much putting them in a great light while removing real negative reviews about them. Sure you might find one or two but this[…]