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Charter Oak Winery Case Study

Rebusify takes on fake reviews with the Charter Oak Winery Case Study.

Fake reviews are undermining the online review landscape and eroding consumer confidence. Small businesses are being attacked by unscrupulous competitors in an escalating war of pay-to-play review sites that are allowing anyone to post reviews, with zero accountability or authentication.

Many dedicated online review sites are in the business of advertising and content collection, with some even offering ‘Reputation Management Services’ or similar programs. These programs allow merchants the ability to either bury ‘bad’ reviews or ratings or in come cases, downright delete them. In other cases, they merely ensure that only ‘Top Ratings’ and reviews are in the 1st page of results, making the appearance of all “5-Star” only reviews.

This has been well documented in many articles and investigations, showing that even the largest online retailers have had 3rd party providers offer full-time professional reviewers charge a fee to post fake ‘Positive Reviews’ in an effort to raise total ratings and/or destroy competition in a particular product group – most notably, electronics and cosmetics.

This has become so pervasive, that now, even the Federal Government has stepped in, and begun prosecuting cases against this wide-spread phenomenon. Read our case study on one such victim of fake reviews and see how this one small business had to take the ‘giant of giants’ to court, over fake reviews.


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