Customer Reviews Next Generation for 2020

Customer Reviews and Blockchain

When we say the next generation in customer reviews, what we mean is that we’re using the latest blockchain technology to confirm and verify all customer reviews. Once confirmed we post them to our own blockchain to show that the reviews haven’t been modified or deleted. This is proven to increase trust and transparency and when you increase trust and transparency you increase your revenue and after all isn’t that what you started your ecommerce website for?

When people hear the word blockchain they think of Bitcoin but as a disclaimer, we are not a cryptocurrency. We’ve never had an ICO. You don’t have to be a crypto to use blockchain technology. Since blockchains are immutable it lends itself well to making reviews immutable because when you start editing reviews or deleted reviews you erode the customer confidence and that results in lost reputation and revenue. In these new days of the internet online reputation is everything and if you’re not increasing your reputation then you’re missing out on tons of lost revenue.

How Is Rebusify Different?

When you set out to create a new way of working with customer reviews you have to think outside the box. Sure you can post a review on your website from a customer but new potential customers will be able to see through that. That’s because customers have been programmed to not believe the reviews they see on the merchant website. Anyone can post a review and because over 90% of internet users search reviews before they buy, it’s critical that your reviews be authentic and real and posting them to a third party website will help that but we take it even further.

When a merchant registers here at Rebusify they get their own company profile page. All of their customer reviews will be posted to that company profile page via our patent pending customer review system called the Rebusify Confidence System. Once the reviews are posted to the company profile page we post them to our blockchain. This ensures the reviews don’t get deleted or modified and when you show your customers this it increases your reputation. Customers will want to do business with merchants that are transparent. This increases revenue.

At Rebusify we created our system for customers and merchants. Customers can be sure that the reviews are authentic and the merchants can be sure that they are being transparent enough to win over the customer.

We have tools created for the merchant to help them showcase their reviews and their products. Now customers can view the merchants reviews as well as their products right from their company profile page. What better way to increase sales than to promote products and services on a page where your customers are reading your reviews.

In closing, this is what we call the next generation of customer reviews. Designed to increase trust, transparency and revenue and all will giving customers the confidence they need to do business with our merchants.

If you have questions about Rebusify and how we can help you increase your online reputation then please feel free to contact us.