Fake Reviews and Your Web Reputation

Even if you’re a reputable business with excellent customer service, fake reviews can take a toll on your revenue and your ability to attract new customers. Here are the facts:

  1. Over 90% of online customers research and read reviews before they purchase an item.
  2. 73% of consumers will reach an opinion after reading up to 5 reviews.
  3. Between one and four bad reviews would be enough to deter almost 70% of online customers from purchasing a product from a vendor.
  4. Fake reviews costs eCommerce website owners almost 30% in lost revenue.

If you sell items online, then you’re at risk of being targeted by your competition with fake negative reviews. You’ve already spend time, effort, and money to create an online business that pays your bills, only to have a competitor try and destroy your web reputation. This doesn’t just happen to eCommerce site owners, it also happens to small brick and mortar business owners. There is a huge industry around fake reviews; reputation management companies will even try to sell you services that create fake positive reviews for your business with the goal of attracting customers and combating negative reviews about your company.

Fake Reviews Do Damage Beyond eCommerce

Recently, Rebusify spoke with a small restaurant owner in Portland, Oregon. They informed us that someone posted negative reviews on their Google listing, and they estimated that these reviews cost them over 25% in lost sales. They were beside themselves until they found out who it was. As it turned out, a competitor down the street was posting fake reviews about their food and customer service.

Below are just a few merchants that found out what fake negative reviews have done to them:

“Each and every day I have to defend our company to customers who have read fake reviews about us. It’s time consuming and I lose a lot of business over it.”

“I woke up to a customer telling me that he read this review I went and looked and became quite ill. I stressed and stressed over it. I then found out that one specific competitor was going around posting these fake horrible stories. I was sick for weeks over it and I could do nothing.”

“Our site started showing up on sites like TrustPilot, PissedConsumer, Scammed, RipOffReport and they were all the same false review done by different usernames. It just didn’t make any since. We couldn’t figure it out. It was our first taste at this then we finally realized what was going on. It just crushed us. We contacted all of those sites and they refused to remove it. Even when shown all the same reviews by different usernames/peoples names. It was clear it was fake but they refused to remove it. It just floored us.”

Rebusify Helps You Build Trust

Customers that see negative reviews are likely to err on the side of safety: the reviews they see might be fake, but why take the risk with a company you don’t know? This is where a branded solution that links real customers to real reviews about real purchases can help merchants protect their web reputation. The Rebusify Confidence System gives potential customers the assurance they need to know that reviews they read about your business are real. This helps the best companies outshine unscrupulous competition.

Rebusify’s goal is clear: bring transparency and honesty back to an industry that is rife with fraud. At a time when anyone can create a fake identity and slander your business, you need tools to help you build trust with potential customers.