Increase Revenue with Rebusify

Merchants that use the Rebusify Confidence System see on average over a 15% increase in revenue. This is due to real customer reviews that appear on their free company profile page here at Rebusify.

Reviews can only be left by customers that made a purchase on your site. Competitors who want to destroy your reputation can’t come to Rebusify and post fake negative reviews on your company and for added verification we post all reviews to two different blockchains.

Fake reviews can cause your revenue to drop by 30% or more, but Rebusify has the tools you need to help you protect your revenue and build trust with potential customers. It’s time to take back what is rightfully yours – Your reputation and your revenue!

See It In Action!

Click the Rebusify Company Profile Page test page below. There you will see sample reviews that have been posted to the Ethereum blockchain and the private Rebusify blockchain.

The Rebusify Confidence System works with the following solutions.