Generate Traffic Using FAQ Schema

So you have a WordPress website and quite possibly if you’re reading this you might have WooCommerce with it. That means you’re a eCommerce website and you could be looking for ways to generate traffic to your site without spending a lot of money or any money. I’ll break down how a specific way to generate more traffic to your WordPress website using the FAQ Schema Markup.

Using Google FAQ Schema Markup

It’s quite possible you’ve never heard that term before so I’ll show you what it means and how to use it.

If you’ve ever done a search on Google and you see below a certain result there are drop downs in a FAQ style result then know that it’s a FAQ Schema result. Below is a shot of exactly what I mean.

Google FAQ Schema Markup

Now this means that you have a post that has a FAQ Schema Markup on it and Google has found it and shown it in the results. Now this won’t help your ranking but what it does do is make you stand out from other results. This drives more traffic to that specific page.

At the end of this post I’ll show you what the FAQ Schema Markup will look like when you add it. Steps to do so are below.

Can I use a Plugin?

Yes and it’s free and the name of the plugin is “Structured Content #wpsc” and what you’ll want to do is install this plugin on your WordPress website. Once installed you’ll see a new icon in your post/pages area. You’ll want to write your post then at the bottom of your post add a title section with the H2 tag and then under that you’ll want to put your cursor and click the orange icon. See the below screenshot. You can download the plugin here.

Structured Content

Once you click that you’ll be presented with a popup and in the popup you’ll want to create your FAQ items but before you create these items you’ll want to do a bit of research. Since the FAQ will show up on Google results you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing a FAQ Ask/Answer that will entice people to read and click on to your site. By posting rubbish here you’ll not generate traffic so find some questions that people might be asking about the topic and write 3 FAQ question/answers. Try not to self promote in the FAQ’s. The idea is to be the authority on this topic.

  • Click the Orange icon
  • Since you’re doing 3 FAQ’s you’ll want to select Multi FAQ.
  • Under the Title tag you have Question Field and Answer Field.
  • Fill out the question then fill out the answer but don’t click OK yet.
  • Click Add One and do the same thing for your second FAQ.
  • Click Add One again and do the same thing.
  • Since you’re doing 3 (Which you can do more if you wish but 3 is good) then after the 3rd one click OK.

Below you’ll find the screenshot of what the popup looks like.

Add FAQ Question/Answer

Remember to put this at the bottom of your post. You can view this post to see the Title H2 section before the post so a  good example for the title would be “More FAQ’s About…” where your topic would be after the About.

Once you click OK it will put the Schema Markup there on the page. Simply save the page and once the page is saved head over to Google Webmaster Tools and add the page/post URL to be indexed. Once you index it run the URL through the Indexer again and you should see the FAQ Schema Markup picked up by Google. Wait a bit and run that URL on Google and you should see the result like you see in the screenshot up above.

More Google FAQ Markup FAQ’s

Is this a free plugin?

Yes, the Structured Content plugin is 100% free.

Will FAQ Structured Content help SEO?

Yes but it won't help your ranking. It just lets you stand out in a crowd.

Can I do FAQ Structured Markup for all pages/posts?

No, just do it for the important pages. Doing all might send a red flag to Google.