How Companies Fake Reviews on TrustPilot

While more and more consumers are figuring out that there are fake reviews being posted on TrustPilot, what they don’t realize is how these companies are doing it. In this post I’m going to show you how unscrupulous companies are posting fake positive reviews on TrustPilot and how they suppress real negative reviews and why TrustPilot allows it.

How does TrustPilot remove reviews?

We all know that TrustPilot allows anyone to post a review on companies but what happens when someone posts a negative review about a company? TrustPilot has a reporting feature that allows the business owner to report the review. If the consumer who left the review doesn’t respond then the review is removed. If the consumer does respond, this is where it gets interesting. Here’s how that negative review gets removed.

The business owner simply asks the consumer for their order number. When the consumer responds with the order number the business owner simply states that the order number is not one of their order numbers and TrustPilot removes the review. It’s that easy.

How do businesses have all 5 star reviews?

Businesses who deal in unscrupulous business practices will create tons of fake positive reviews under different accounts. They will even pay people to post fake positive reviews. Here’s the kicker. TrustPilot does not remove reviews if they are not reported. This allows the business owner to have a very nice 5 star rating simply by creating fake positive reviews and suppressing any 3 star are below reviews.

Business owners will also go so far as to even comment on the review telling the fake consumer thank you for posting their review. They will even post a link to a fake order number to ensure that the person reading the fake review believes it and in turn buys their products from them. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies doing this.

TrustPilot removes other reviews too

This information comes from our own experience. When I see companies and TrustPilot blatantly suppressing real unhappy customer reviews then I will call it out and name names and in this case theĀ  company is

As many of you know our previous name was Rebusify and at the beginning of 2020 we changed our name to Rebusify. We have an LLC through MyCompanyWorks so we needed to change our company name. We removed the LLC for our previous name and files docs to remove the name from the state of Wyoming. We didn’t need the agent service fee for Rebusify so we didn’t pay the annual fee at renewal. MyCompanyWorks immediately told us that we could not cancel our company without using them (Fee based service). When we told them we were not paying the fee and we canceled the company ourselves simply by contacting the state, they immediately sent us to collections. They would rather lose a customer over $99 dollars then do the right thing and retain a long time customer for which we were. We’ve used them for years and spent thousands with them.

After sending us to collections we posted a review at TrustPilot that stated the above and guess what happened. TrustPilot removed the review at the request of MyCompanyWorks.

TrustPilot and companies like MyCompanyWorks don’t care about trust or transparency. They only care about how they can scam the system in their favor and this works and works well and it only benefits TrustPilot, these companies and their bottom line. It leaves unhappy customers in its wake and they simply do not care.

Rebusify is different

We don’t delete reviews and we don’t edit them. We believe in transparency and trust and when you delete real reviews you erode customer confidence.