How Online Business Reviews Can Help Your Company in 2019

The SEO Value of Online Business Reviews

It’s no secret: sites that host online business reviews have been around for many years. What many people may not realize is that online business reviews on these sites have gone unchecked, and the fake negative reviews that are posted on these sites destroy reputable businesses. So how can you use an online review platform to protect your reputation in 2019?

Negative reviews can cost a company over 30% in lost revenue. In some cases, they can completely destroy a company. Many people believe what they read on the internet, especially when fake information is seen on a review site with a professional look and feel. Many review sites allow anyone to post reviews, which opens the door to fake slanderous reviews. Be sure to read our case study about Charter Oak Winery in California; this family business was attacked with fake reviews from a competitor.

When a review is posted on a review site, it is immediately indexed by Google and other search engines. When potential customers search for online business reviews about your company, these fake negative reviews can appear in search engine results. A negative review about your company can cause a potential customer to purchase from a competitor, equating to lost revenue.

Rethinking Online Business Reviews in 2019

Rebusify is here to level the playing field and provide potential customers with real reviews about your business. When you use the Rebusify Confidence System, you get a company profile page located here at Rebusify. This page only contains reviews that were left by your real customers. We don’t allow anyone to comment or review companies here. They have to purchase something from your site before they can post a review. Those reviews are posted to your company profile page and immediately indexed by Google. This means that potential customers will see these reviews when they search your company’s domain on Google. Not only do we only allow real customers to post reviews about your company, but we also take those reviews and post them to the blockchain. This means the original review cannot be modified by the merchant.

The Rebusify Confidence System restores confidence to the customer and the merchant, effectively leveling the playing field for online business reviews. This helps prevent companies from losing revenue from fake online business reviews. Rebusify is the only online review company that provides your business with tools you need to gather online business reviews about your company, products, or services directly from your customers. Our system integrates directly with WooCommerce, and we will soon have tools that integrate with other ecommerce platforms. We take trust to another level by posting reviews to the blockchain, ensuring that neither Rebusify nor the merchant can remove a review they don’t like. Customers can remain confident that the reviews they see are real and verified.

Your online reputation is on the line, but Rebusify will be there with tools to help you protect it.