How To Use Rebusify To Increase Revenue

Increase Website Revenue With Rebusify

In this day and age everyone under the sun is reviewing companies before they buy their products or services. So how do you use Rebusify to increase that revenue? It’s really simple, very simple indeed.

With everyone searching Google for reviews you want to have reviews attached to your site but what if you’re an ecommerce site and a competitor or troll is trying to destroy your online reputation? What if you’re not using a review system and you’re looking to increase revenue? Both of which can be dealt with by using the Rebusify Confidence System for WooCommerce.

The Rebusify Confidence System (RCS) was designed for WooCommerce users so that real and verified reviews get posted about companies. The days of non-customers posting reviews about your products are over. These reviews open the door to slanderous reputation destroying reviews.

Below I have outlined the simple steps to increase revenue for your site.

  1. Get the Rebusify WooCommerce Extension (Free).
  2. Register for a account here at Sign up for the Free Plan. Can always upgrade later if you want.
  3. Install and activate the Rebusify WooCommerce Extension plugin.
  4. You will need a serial license key to activate the plugin on your site. Once you activate the plugin your company profile page will be created here at and all your verfied reviews will start to come in on your company profile page.
  5. Do great customer service!

Here’s a short video we did to show how our system works:

So how does using the Rebusify Confidence System increase your revenue? When using Rebusify for verified reviews that show up on your company profile, potential customers will see the reviews and know that the reviews are in fact confirmed and verified. That alone will give potential customers the green light to potentially do business on your site. Now the key thing here is that you have to have good reviews. If you’re a crappy company and you have all 1 stars on your company profile page then you’re not really going to increase your revenue but if you have a few bad reviews, look at the reviews, learn from them and fix what might be broken within your company. Remember, one bad review can do a lot of damage so be sure that if you’re a reputable company that you do all you can to have amazing customer service which will lead to great reviews.

The main reason we created Rebusify was to level the playing field for online reviews. Most review companies including TrustPilot, SiteJabber, RipOffReport and others allow anyone to review a company. We feel this is inherently wrong. Only customers should review companies that sell products or services. We won’t get into why those companies allow that but we can say we don’t. Our system is built to only allow verified customers to review the product or service they just bought and we can post it to the blockchain with our patent pending technology.

Why do we use Blockchain Technology? It’s not uncommon for review sites to modify reviews for merchants. That’s your standard Pay to Play business model. We don’t operate that way. All reviews that get posted to the Ethereum Blockchain and the Rebusify Blockchain are done so to keep reviews from being modified. Because you can’t modify transactions once they are put on the blockchain hence why we do it.

So this is how Rebusify can help you increase your site revenue by using the Rebusify Confidence System. So if you’re looking to increase revenue and you use WooCommerce then we’d love to have you on our platform. It’s free and cost you nothing and takes just a couple minutes to setup.

We’d love to hear your questions and comments about the Rebusify Confidence System so please feel free to Contact Us.