Introducing the Rebusify Review Search App

Check out the brand new Rebusify Review Search App! – Rebusify is pleased to announce the launch of our beta review search app. The only app that searches for verified reviews from real customers of merchants using the Rebusify Confidence System.

Just released and available now for Android, the super convenient Rebusify Review Search App lets you search for a company via their domain name or keywords. See their reviews and verify review transaction details. While browsing reviews, you can see details on companies, their products, offerings and more!

The Rebusify Review Search App is clean and different in a world of ever decreasing privacy rights and personal data breaches – The Rebusify Review Search App doesn’t access your data, doesn’t store your data, or track you or your data in any way, shape or form.

Be sure to install this first edition of the new Rebusify Review Search App now available in the Google Play Store. iOS version coming soon.

Rebusify Review Search App Google Playstore