How Online Reviews Help You Generate Ecommerce Leads

Every ecommerce site should be concerned about transparency and their online reputation, and collecting online reviews help build trust in your brand. Placing online reviews on your site can help you generate ecommerce leads. When you place online reviews on your site alongside numerous calls to action, you can collect new leads and market to them directly. If your site is constructed properly, and you capture customer data during the sales process, you can build your lead list and market directly to your existing and potential customers.

How Do Online Reviews Help Generate Ecommerce Leads?

Online reviews give you a chance to showcase the quality of your products and services. When you use online review tools that gather video reviews, your customers will have the chance to show the world how great your products really are. New customers may not be ready to make a purchase decision just yet, but showcasing online reviews on your company page can convince customers to enter your sales funnel by signing up for a newsletter or email alert. It also gives them an opportunity to interact with your company on social media, allowing you to showcase the quality and value of your products and services.

Once you do acquire a list of previous customers and potential new customers, you can send out newsletters with new offers, social content, blog posts, images, and other material promoting your products or services. The creative marketing team will take control over the narrative around negative reviews and show how they helped solve a customer’s problems. This shows that your company is responsive and sensitive to the needs of your customers and highlights your great customer service.

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Structuring Your Ecommerce Site for Lead Generation

When new customers that enter your site, you need a way to capture their contact information and see which products and services they are browsing. Customers that voluntarily sign up for email alerts and newsletters can be automatically placed in a leads list, allowing you to market to them directly. On social media, you should try to keep a list of any potential customers that interact with your business and make them aware of new products, services, and sales. Everyone that follows your business on social media is a potential lead.

If you’re selling a product or service and you’re known to have poor customer service then not only will your lead list be smaller but your revenue will be smaller as well.The key is to be transparent about your business as well as yourself. Using a set of review tools and showcasing reviews on your site allows you to showcase your awesome customer service, which can convince new customers to enter your sales funnel. When you’re transparent, new customers are more likely to become new leads.

In addition to calls to action on your company site and product pages, you need to use an ecommerce plugin that automatically gathers contact information from your existing customers. These plugins include Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento. When new customers pull the trigger and make a purchase, you’ll be able to automatically gather their contact information, allowing you to market new products and services to them directly.

Once you’ve started acquiring leads, either from a list of existing customers or potential new customers, that list needs to be groomed to ensure the list is accurate. This is called cleaning, and most if not all email marketing platform sites like MailerLite and MailChimp require your list to be clean. This cuts down on hard/soft bounces and spam hits, which can harm their reputation and yours. Some email systems will blacklist different mailer services and domains, so make sure to do your research before signing up for a mass email service.

In closing, do the right thing. Sell a great product or service, be nice, be honest, be open and transparent. When you use the right tools for collecting reviews from real customers, you’ll help build confidence with new customers and convince them to enter your sales funnel. Rebusify is the only company that gives you free tools to gather real reviews from your real customers as part of an ecommerce leads generation strategy. All your reviews are showcased on your own SEO-friendly company profile page. Because review sites have a tendency to change or delete reviews, we post all reviews to our private blockchain, making them publicly accessible and immutable. Using Rebusify shows your customers that you value their opinions and that you want their voices to be heard. Getting started with Rebusify costs you nothing, and you can upgrade to get access to premium featuresĀ at any time.

Your online reputation matters, and Rebusify is here to help you stand out in a crowded ecommerce marketplace. We have the tools merchants need to collect online reviews as part of a comprehensive ecommerce leads generation strategy.