New Company Profile Pages Update

Showcase Your Products

Rebusify is pleased to announce the launch of our newly updated company profile pages that now include your company products down the right side of your profile page. Now you can showcase 3 of your amazing products right on your company profile page. Oh and it’s still FREE!

People are coming to your company profile page via Google while searching for verified reviews. Now you can promote your products right from your company profile page at Rebusify. Why not promote your products while potential customers are reading your reviews? Makes perfect sense. It’s remarketing at its finest.

To see how your company profile page could look simply check out the Rebusify Demo.

Increase Revenue and Online Reputation

Have you registered your company profile page yet? If you use WooCommerce with WordPress then you need to claim your company profile page so that you can capitalize on free marketing as well as trying to increased reputation and revenue. Win Win…