Niche Market Review Software

So in a first, meaning that this has never been done, Rebusify review software allows you to start a niche market review site. Now there are review sites for different products but there are no niche market review sites that let their merchant’s customers leave reviews. Think of it like TrustPilot or SiteJabber but for niche markets and the best part is that unlike those large review sites, the Rebusify Confidence System Review Platform only allows for real reviews from real customers who make transactions via the system. These systems are all integrated into the Rebusify system giving you the only verified reviews software platform with blockchain verification.

Is Niche Market Review Business Right For You?

What does this mean for you? It means that you can get in on the ground floor for creating niche market review sites. There are a bunch of mainstream (Generic) review sites out there like TrustPilot, SiteJabber and others and while they might just be crap, what you don’t see are niche market review sites. So like the dating software community, we are changing that.

When dating sites started to pop up on the Internet back in the 90’s what you didn’t see were niche dating sites. Those didn’t start happening until the 2000’s so it makes sense that review sites need to go niche. This is where rebusify.comes in. We’ll provide the review software for you to start any type of review site. Don’t just start one review site, start a few niches. The more niche market review sites you run the more money you will make.

The review space is a billion dollar a year industry and it’s high time that people start to cash in on this growing industry so when you decide to create a niche review site you want to create a unique niche. Some pointers are to start something that you’re interested in. Say you like cars. You can create a niche market review site for car dealerships to have their customers leave reviews. There are hundreds of thousands of car dealerships out there so you can get them to create a profile on your review site and they can send their customers reviews to it. This helps them increase their trust and transparency and that increases their revenue and the Rebusify Confidence System is designed to do just that.

Rebusify Confidence System

Our niche market review platform is built on top of WordPress and uses a custom WordPress plugin that controls the whole review platform. We take it a step further and provide an optional Blockchain component. This allows all the reviews that come into your niche market review site to be posted to your very own blockchain. We provide a private blockchain or a blockchain built on the Cardano blockchain. The private blockchain requires no transaction fees for posting reviews to the blockchain. Posting to Cardano will require a small transaction fee. Since they haven’t released smart contracts on their blockchain we don’t know exactly what those fees will be but we do know they will be very cheap. The Cardano smart contracts will be released this Fall (Sept 2021). Once it’s released we will release the smart contract that rides on the Cardano blockchain. You can still use the private blockchain until Cardano releases their Alonzo version. Again, this is an optional component.

Be sure to read our Trusted Reviews on the Blockchain.

How much can you charge/make with your own niche market review site? You can keep it free or charge. The Rebusify review software allows you to run a free review site or a paid review site. It’s up to you. As you can see the possibilities are endless and the more niche market review sites you start the more money you could potentially make. The question of how much money you can make in niche review sites is something that we always get and the answer is always the same. The amount of money you make is dependent on the traffic you have and the amount of money you charge but with being one of the first niche market review sites, you can set your own prices and not worry about competition because there is none! 🙂

In Closing

When starting a review site you want to start a niche market review site. Use different niches to form one niche. If you need help creating a new niche then let us know and we can help you come up with something unique.