Now With Scammer Protection

Rebusify is pleased to announce the newest version of our WooCommerce extension, featuring new powerful scammer protection, included at no extra charge! This latest improvement is delivered by our new scammer prevention service called Scamalyze. Version 1.3.7 now includes the Scamalyze functionality and protections, built right in.

Protect your site from scammers with Scamalyze, part of the Rebusify Confidence System and suite of merchant solutions. When activated, all users are scanned through the Scamalyze database, searching for fraudulent IP addresses, profiles, images and usernames, to ensure you have a genuine, real customer visiting your site. If a scammer is detected, the user is blocked at the IP level before a purchase is made, thus saving you from costly chargebacks.

Scamalyze Scammer Protection

What happens if a legitimate customer ever gets blocked? If you ever have a customer report they are unable to access your site, or believe their ID may have been reported incorrectly by another merchant, there’s now an ‘Unblock Tool’ in the admin area that lets you unblock the users IP – And of course you can always reach out to the support team at Rebusify for help!

Along with adding Scamalyze to the WooCommerce extension, we also updated the Pop-Up Registration to be more streamlined and easier to use. We enhanced the Verified Reviews component by decreasing the amount of time it takes to post the review, and we also updated Review Invitations to work faster. We continued with another enhancement, by updating the code for Video Reviews and performed regression testing on the whole plugin, to ensure that the new functionality didn’t break other WordPress themes or plugins, all while remaining compatible with WordPress 5.4.2.

These updates, combined with the new addition of Scamalyze, now deliver an even more complete and comprehensive version of the Rebusify Confidence System, all now included in the WooCommerce Verified Reviews extension.

To take advantage of these great new features and enhancements for the WooCommerce Verified Review extension, you can find the new version in the WordPress repository or here at Rebusify.

Learn more about the Scamalyze features by visiting our Scamalyze Feature Page.