Online Reviews

Online Reviews with Rebusify Confidence System

Establish a Good Reputation

Over the years, the wide-ranging popularity of online reviews and customer feedback has significantly grown. Online reviews help individuals decide which services and products they must buy or decide where they should travel, eat and more. Over time, online reviews have become an intrinsic part of online businesses.

Many studies were conducted to help identify the real or exact impacts that both negative and positive reviews have on some sales, popularity, conversion rate, the profitability of businesses selling services and products, product awareness and more.

Positive Impacts of Reviews on Different Businesses

Reviews deliver great positive impacts on businesses such as:

  • Having various positive reviews improves the probability of persuading clients to pay more cash for services and products. Indeed, studies revealed that purchasers are probably going to spend around 31% more on items and on services coming from companies or businesses that have superb online reviews backing them up
  • Having unpleasant or negative reviews will definitely affect your business, yet for each star that a business obtains, chances are business’ income will increase anywhere between 5%-9%.
  • The clients’ level of trust is increased
  • There is an increased probability of buyers spending more cash
  • There is also an increase in business income
  • Studies revealed that 85% of clients trust reviews online much more than personal recommendations

Online Reviews Have Impacts on Buying Decisions

Come to think of it. When you need to buy an item or avail a service, what do you actually do first? Odds are you do online research and take a closer look at what other individuals are saying in regards to the item or services you are interested in buying.  You might even read online reviews yourself, and if you somehow managed to ask your customers how they actually purchase items or services, chances are they are also looking at online reviews.

This implies that your business must have action plans to earn positive reviews and monitor reviews that are left about your business, respond to these positive and negative reviews then promote positive reviews all across the platform or place.

Rebusify Helps You Know What Your Customers Are Saying

A trusted online review company like Rebusify can help you track customer reviews on a particular platform. Some special features and tools allow you to get the notifications that you want. There are actually ways to turn those bad reviews to happy customers and prevent your ratings from being dragged down that may trigger customers to turn away just because you cannot act fast enough for your customers.

Establishing a good online reputation is vital to succeed in the online world. So strive hard to obtain positive and real reviews from your customers for these can help position your business in a highly profitable and competitive spot. This can benefit you and your business in many ways.

All these things being said, you probably have realized that online reviews somehow play a crucial role in establishing a solid online reputation and Rebusify can help you do that with verified reviews that are 100% from your real customers.