Paid Website Reviews

Paid Website Reviews

It’s no secret that there are places where you can go buy fake reviews for your website but lets break down why this paid website reviews industry even exists.

One of the main reasons paid website reviews is even a thing is because of sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot. Since they allow anyone and everyone to post a review of any company, that has opened the door for new website services that post fake reviews for you. Mostly to counter the fake negative reviews that others have posted. This includes unscrupulous competitors as well as disgruntled employees.

The reality is that these types of services wouldn’t be needed if SiteJabber stopped allowing fake reviews. To tell you this is a multi-million dollar industry would be putting it mildly.

It’s also no secret that legitimate companies need to counter the fake negative reviews with fake positive reviews. Trust me when I say that┬álegitimate companies don’t want to do this but they are left with no choice. When competitors post fake negative reviews about them to destroy their online reputation they can lose up to 50% of their business because sadly, most people believe all online reviews. They don’t understand that there is a whole industry behind fake reviews. What happens next is a vicious cycle of responding to fake negative reviews with fake positive reviews and it’s just a never ending cycle where the competitor has all the right cards and the legitimate company has to jump through countless hoops not to mention the lost revenue from it.

Yet another prime example of why Rebusify was created. Created out of the idea and the personal experience of being on the receiving end of this ridiculous and wrongful attack.

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