Reasons Why You Should Use Real Customer Reviews

For over 10 years, online review sites have turned a blind eye to fake online reviews and they have either hurt or helped online merchants. While hundreds of thousands of merchants have been negatively affected by fake reviews, the case for a system that collects real reviews from real customers is greater than ever.

Below are just some of the reasons why you should always use a system that only collects reviews from real customers:

  1. Real reviews from real customers show authenticity, whether they are bad or good.
  2. Competitors can’t fake real customer reviews from your site. This shuts them out.
  3. Reviews from real customers force legitimate companies to provide the best possible customer service.
  4. Companies that provide the best products and services can showcase their prowess with a system that collects real reviews from customers.
  5. Potential customers will be able to spot fake negative reviews from disgruntled employees or competitors.
  6. You can increase your revenue when reviews on your site link back to a reputable review site like Rebusify.

Using the Rebusify Confidence System will show your visitors that you believe in and use real reviews instead of the faked reviews that dominate the online review space. The online review space is destroying the online reputation of reputable merchants, thus you should always use real customer reviews.

Rebusify provides your business the tools you need to gather online reviews from real customers. Rebusify only collects reviews from customers that make purchases through your site. The branded profile page on Rebusify helps potential customers distinguish verified reviews from fake reviews and helps build trust.

If you’re an ecommerce merchant, your online reputation is vital to your success, so strive hard to obtain real reviews from your customers.