Rebusify Announces Private Blockchain

Greetings everyone!

We wanted to take a minute to share some exciting news. Rebusify has been building its very own private blockchain for the past year. While we still post reviews to the Ethereum blochchain, we’ve been working on our own blockchain to be able to store more review data keep subscription prices low for our customers. Up until now, we’re only storing the initial review on the Ethereum blockchain. However, gas costs on the Ethereum blockchain prevent us from storing replies to reviews. It only made sense for us to build our very own private blockchain, and the Rebusify blockchain was born.

The Rebusify blockchain allows us to store reviews and replies, as well as company data for added verification. We will continue to use Ethereum for reviews. When we finish developing the Rebusify blockchain, you will find a new icon to the right of the Ethereum icon. This icon will link to our Block Explorer, allowing you to view the full review data stored on the Rebusify blockchain.

We will officially launch the Rebusify blockchain on June 1st, 2019.