Rebusify Launches the Rebusify Confidence System

Rebusify announces launch of the Rebusify Confidence System – An all new system using patent pending blockchain technology to end fake reviews.

Portland, OR – Thursday, May 02, 2019 – Rebusify has introduced and launched a new WordPress plug-in for WooCommerce users, to provide valid, trusted online reviews in an effort to protect Merchants and Consumers from fake reviews.

In an industry first, the Rebusify Confidence System (TCS) uses patent pending blockchain technology combined with a secondary private blockchain, to ensure that only real, valid and trusted reviews are collected and posted on products and services by Merchants using TCS – Which consumers can easily identify by looking for the Rebusify Shield displayed by trusted Merchants.

“Fake reviews are a serious problem and a known concern.” states Tom Boyle, Rebusify COO. “Recent articles on the impact of fake reviews (both positive and negative) are making the news, along with serious charges by the FTC, which is cracking down on fake reviews, even on the largest online merchant sites. Rebusify is the answer to this serious erosion of trust with online reviews.”

Rebusify also completed Patent filings on the methods and technology designed and used to create the Rebusify Confidence System. Rebusify CEO and co-Founder, Michael Allen commented “The ability to utilize blockchain as a permanent and immutable record is central to the Rebusify Confidence System. The design requires a deep understanding of blockchain limitations and hence, our design incorporates the use of our own private blockchain, specifically to address those complexities.”

For additional information, Rebusify welcomes everyone to visit to learn more and journalist may reach out to us by email at: