Rebusify Partners With Dating Software Providers

Rebusify is pleased to announce another great new partnership, this time within the dating software community. The Rebusify Confidence System can now be integrated into dating software offered to entrepreneurs who want to start a dating site. What better way to grow the reputation of a dating site and its owner, than by adding verified and confirmed reviews, video reviews, scammer protection and blockchain verification.

“The dating industry, for the longest time, has been plagued with scammers who have been hell bent on scamming unsuspecting dating site members. Millions of dollars each year are scammed from innocent dating site members and we’re now working with Rebusify to help put a stop to it.”. Says iDateMedia.

With the addition of the Scamalyze feature to the Rebusify Confidence System, dating sites can now scan all dating site members against the Scamalyze database of known scammers. This new scammer protection feature includes machine learning, real-time detection, text pattern analysis and image recognition that will not only help known dating site scammers be blocked at the front door but it will also cut down on the amount of fraud and chargebacks that are plaguing the dating site community.

“Integrating the Rebusify Confidence System into dating sites was a no brainer.” Says Tom Boyle, COO of Rebusify. “There is so much fraud in the dating world that goes unchecked. It’s about time that someone stepped up to help and put a stop to this. I applaud those dating software providers that are doing what they can to help stop this global issue.” says Tom.

Not only does the Rebusify Confidence System cut down on the number of scammers hitting your site, but it will also reduce the number of chargebacks – And that is something that all dating credit card processors and merchants should be very happy with.

Are you a dating software provider or a dating site owner that is looking to grow your reputation and decrease the amount of fraud on your dating site? Then we’d love to help you get the Rebusify Confidence System integrated into your site.

We look forward to working with the dating community to help decrease the level of fraud and chargebacks.