Rebusify Takes On Fake Reviews

Rebusify Takes On Fake Review

As you know and having visited, online reviews are a huge problem in the ecommerce world and Rebusify WILL put a stop to it. Rebusify will disrupt the whole Online Reviews industry with the Rebusify Confidence System (RCS) and patent pending blockchain technology.

Fake reviews are a dangerous problem and have even formed a growing cottage industry of paid reviewers that post random garbage about anything they are told to write about. Over the last 7 years, fake reviews have grown into a multi-million dollar industry segment, and has created unregulated companies like RipOffReport, SiteJabber, TrustPilot, PissedConsumer and many more. These companies make millions from reviews posted by unconfirmed, random posters with no validation that they had any real interaction with the vendors or products they are allegedly reviewing.

If you sell products or services online, then you’re not immune from this growing industry. Last year, online merchants lost over 30% of their revenue, due to fake reviews being posted or paid for by competitors and disgruntled employees. Read our Fake Reviews Analytics post for more details.

Any merchant that has been plagued by negative fake reviews done by competitors will tell you, review sites like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, RipOffReport, PissedConsumer, TrustMus, ComplaintsBoard and others are reluctant to remove reviews. Why? Because content (even false content) is worth tons of money, and it hurts their bottom line — Plus the US Government has a law that allows them to not be held accountable or prosecuted. Even when merchants have pleaded and begged, and shown proof that the customer review is a fake, they refuse to remove it. This is absolutely ludicrous. This destroys honest merchants reputations, and they can do nothing about it… Until now!

Rebusify will stop this once and for all, with the Rebusify Confidence System. When a merchant uses the RCS with their payment gateway option, their customers have 30-days to review the transaction with a 1 through 5 star scale and 280 character text to accompany the rating. This transactional based review can only be done one time per transaction.

Once the review is submitted, the customer can’t place another review, unless they complete another transaction. That reviewed transaction will appear on showing potential customers real reviews, that are 100% authentic and recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain as proof of a real review. That’s a trusted review!

You can’t fake it — And that’s a Win-Win for both merchants and customers — And bad news for the fake online reviews industry.

The goal here is to give merchants back what unscrupulous competitors have been taking from them for years — Their reputations and revenue!

That’s Rebusify.