Can You Really Remove Bad Reviews? Only if You Pay to Play

Imagine this situation. While monitoring your online reputation, you suddenly notice that you’ve received a negative review of TrustPilot or some other site. While reading the review, it quickly becomes obvious that the review is completely fake, and may have been created by a competitor or disgruntled employee. You know that this fake negative review could affect your revenue, but you’re unsure whether you should address this problem. What are your options for removing this bad review?

The problem with these sites is that they allow anyone, whether they are a competitor or Mickey Mouse, to post a review about a company. This opens the door to the situation described above, where a competitor starts slandering your company with fake reviews in order to take away from your business. These sites will then approach you with a subscription plan that allows you to remove reviews you don’t like.

It’s Time to Rebuild Trust

In an already shady online world, where anyone can create a fake identity and start slandering companies they don’t like, these sites damage consumer trust. This also gives them the opportunity to engage in mafia-style extortion tactics. They allow anyone to slander your business, and then they charge you for protection. Unless you are willing to take these companies to court, the only way to remove bad reviews from these sites is to give in and purchase their reputation management plans. Your other option is to hire a reputation management company and fight the fake negative reviews with fake positive reviews.

In the end, the losers in this game are the merchant and the customer. The merchant has to pay to combat slanderous reviews from competitors, and the customer doesn’t know who to believe. Customers deserve to have access to accurate information about companies they want to do business with.

What if a competitor is posting fake negative reviews about your company on sites like TrustPilot, TrustPilot, PissedConsumer, or others? Unless you are willing to pay these companies, take them to court, or hire an unethical reputation management company, you can’t do anything to remove bad reviews from those sites. These sites allow fake reviews to be left on their platform because it creates new advertising space, increases their search engine visibility, and gives them an opportunity to sell you services that you don’t need.

Should You Remove Bad Reviews?

This is why we created Rebusify. We believe that the only people reviewing a company should be the people who actually made a purchase from a company: the customers. We also believe that companies should not be allowed to remove customer reviews that they don’t like. Customers should have the ability to hold businesses accountable. This was the original intention of online review sites: to provide consumers with accurate information. If you use the Rebusify Confidence System, you’ll have the tools you need to collect reviews directly from your customers.

If you’re looking to remove bad reviews online, then keep a couple things in mind. First things first, Rebusify does not remove bad reviews. The reviews collected by Rebusify are recorded to the Ethereum blockchain and our private blockchain, acting as a company’s permanent record. This helps you build trust with potential customers. The reviews collected on your company profile page are also indexed on Google and other search engines, which helps increase your company’s visibility.

While the reviews that appear on your company profile can only be left by real customers, any company needs to accept that not all reviews are going to be positive. No company can satisfy every customer, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. When a potential customer only sees glowing reviews on your company profile, they’re going to be a little suspicious. Any reasonable customer expects to see a mixed bag of reviews about any company.

Get Ready for Rebusify

As it stands now, Rebusify is the only review website that collects reviews from real customers and creates a permanent record about a company. If you’re an honorable merchant that strives to provide the best products and customer service, you shouldn’t worry about removing bad reviews; you need to showcase all reviews from real customers. Worry about providing a great product and great customer service; real customers will appreciate your efforts and will let you know that your efforts are appreciated.

Merchants that use the Rebusify Confidence System will have the tools they need to instill confidence in potential customers. The reviews they see about your business are only linked to real customers that made real purchases. This gives customers real information about your business, allowing the best companies to outshine their competition with great products and great customer service.

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