Remove Bad Reviews

Remove Bad Reviews

If you’re looking to remove bad reviews online then keep a couple things in mind. By following these simple steps you’ll get better results using the Rebusify Confidence System. Keep in mind that Rebusify does not remove reviews. They are recorded to the blockchain as a permanent record.

When someone comes to Rebusify via link or searches on our site they will get results based on your customers transactions. While these are 100% legit customers, not all reviews for companies are going to be great. Some customers are not going to be happy so what do you do in this situation? The first thing is don’t ever try to remove bad reviews. When someone finds all great reviews they’re going to be a little suspicious. People like to see a mix bag of reviews and having some bad and more good is a good thing.

What if a competitor is posting fake bad reviews about your company on sites like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, PissedConsumer or others? First thing is you have to know that those sites allow for fake reviews and you can’t do anything about them. You can get a court order and have Google remove the indexed entries and that takes time and a lot of money. But more comments to the thread just increases the results. That’s where Rebusify comes in. If you use the Rebusify Confidence System and push your customers to us then they will know that the reviews here are 100% authentic and from real customers.

As it stands right now, Rebusify appears to be the only review website that actually allows for 100% real reviews and the one one that cares about the company. If you’re a legitimate company then you need to showcase those real customers and that’s what we do. So don’t worry about removing bad reviews. Worry about providing a great product and with great support. We’ll handle the rest.

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