Your Reputation Management Strategy and Online Reviews

Do you have a coherent reputation management strategy, or are you relying on a reputation management service? If you’re a savvy business owner and you have looked into these services, then you’ve probably realized they hold as much water as so-called social media influencers. These services don’t provide you with a real reputation management strategy. You’re better off building your online reputation by leveraging your online reviews and engaging with customers through your social media channels.

Reputation management strategy
Our reaction to reputation management companies.

Online Reviews and Your Reputation Management Strategy

Any eCommerce company owner that sells a product or service should keep an eye on their online reputation. Your reputation on social media networks and business review sites is a reflection of the quality of your products or services, as well as your customer service. Social media networks let you take control of your reputation by engaging directly with your audience, allowing you to directly address concerns from customers and show that you are dedicated to meeting their needs. But what about online business review companies? Addressing both channels should be part of your reputation management strategy.

The landscape for online business reviews is fraught with deception, and it has reached the point where major retailers have made headlines for the number of fake reviews that appear on their sites. Even small companies are not immune, and some family businesses have been forced to sue the likes of Google after being targeted with fake reviews by their competitors. The fact is, most major online review sites allow anyone to post anything they want about any company. This allows competitors to post fake reviews that can destroy your reputation and ruin trust with your customer base. Can you imagine losing significant revenue because a competitor was posting fake negative reviews about you? It happens on a daily basis.

As a merchant, you need a system that helps you build trust with potential customers, and collecting reviews directly from your existing customers is the best way to do this. Reviews about your products, services, or business that are posted online can make the difference in attracting new customers to your business and retaining existing customers. Consumers prefer to play it safe; if they see something negative about your business written on an online review site, they will likely move on to your competitor. This is why your business needs to collect real reviews from real customers.

How You Can Combat Fake Online Reviews

If you’re being attacked by someone with fake online reviews, then the best thing you can do is leverage reviews from your real customers. It is best not to reply directly to fake online reviews on sites like TrustPilot as this only encourages attackers. These other review sites will then try to sell you reputation management services. In reality, they are asking you to pay them to delete the review from their site. In any other context, this would best be called extortion.

The best thing to do is ask your loyal customers to leave positive reviews. The need for verifiable reviews from real customers is exactly why we created Rebusify. We know firsthand how unscrupulous companies have used fake online reviews to destroy their competitors’ businesses. Very simply, they want to take away your customer base.

Rebusify gives you free tools to gather real reviews from your real customers. All your reviews are showcased on your own SEO-friendly company profile page. Because review sites have a tendency to change or delete reviews, we post all reviews to our very own blockchain, making them publicly accessible, auditable, and immutable. This shows your customers and potential customers that you’re transparent and willing to be held accountable. Using Rebusify shows your customers that you value their opinions and that you want their voices to be heard. Getting started with Rebusify costs you nothing, and you can upgrade to get access to premium features at any time.

Your online reputation matters, and Rebusify is here to help you stand out in a crowded ecommerce marketplace.