Reputation Management for 2020

Have you done a Google search for your domain name followed by reviews “domain reviews”? Have you noticed that you don’t have any listings on Google for those reviews? If you don’t then guess what? You’re missing out on tons of organic traffic that could easily turn into sales for your ecommerce website.

Here are some key elements of reputation management for the year 2020.

Why Reviews?

Over 90% of all customers search reviews on a company before they buy. They want to ensure that they’re not going to get ripped off or scammed and the terms they are using to search for reviews are “ reviews” and or “domain reviews” (Replace with your If they find a few bad reviews then they are most likely going to move on to the next company but if you don’t have any reviews then you’re missing out on that traffic. So combine great reviews with Google results and it’s a winning combination that results in more revenue. In most cases it’s over 15% in additional revenue.

Online reviews are the cornerstone of any ecommerce business. If you’re selling products or services then you need to have your customers leave reviews. Doing so will increase your online reputation and it’s not just any reviews, you want great reviews. That means you have to offer out great products and great customer service. Got a bad review? Make it right and get more reviews.

What’s the Difference Between Reviews and Online Reputation?

This is a question that we often get from merchants that use our Rebusify Confidence System and we explain it like this.

Reviews are just a portion of your online reputation. Think of it like this. You’re building a house and if the house is your reputation the names and framing are your reviews. You can’t have reputation without reviews. All of your online reviews go towards your overall reputation. That means great communication, great customer service, great products and great reviews. That’s the difference between the two.

Let’s add a few trigger words in there for keeping and growing online reputation. Words like innovation, teamwork, research, technology, marketing all go hand in hand with online reputation. The days of just putting up an ecommerce site are over. You have to constantly build upon and improve in all areas if you want to succeed. If you don’t then your competitors will. Try to stay many steps ahead in all areas.

What Changes in 2020?

In 2019 we saw the tipping point for using influencer marketing. In 2020, not so much. Days of paying a so called influencer are over and rightfully so. Not sure why this fad was being used but people and companies started seeing influencers for what they were, fake people with thousands of fake followers. Sure there were probably a few real ones out there but like any fad, once it gets saturated with spammers and scammers then the party’s over.

Influencer Fatigue

One thing you will want to look into for reputation management in the year 2020 is something called brand communities. These are communites designed and setup around communities that are into specific things. It’s not just one person, it’s a whole community.

So this is the jest of reputation management for 2020.

What exactly is Reputation Management?

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is the ability to manage ones online perception. This is done by adding information online that is designed to grow/enhance ones online reputation.

Why is reputation management so expensive?

It's really not. If you're looking for reputation management services then you'll find most of those providers charging thousands of dollars per year. We do the same job at a fraction of the cost. For too long these other companies have been charging way too much. So consider Rebusify when it comes to authentic reputation management services.

How quick can I change my online reputation?

Very quickly. Don't let someone tell you that it takes years. It doesn't. In fact, a lot of changes can be done in a matter of days. This is due to having Google index the new reputation building content within a few hours. You can ask us for more details on how this is done.

Can better reviews increase my reputation?

Yes, the more 4 and 5 star reviews you get for your company online the more revenue that you can generate.

How do reviews help my company?

Over 90% of consumers are searching for reviews before they buy a product or service. If you've got a lot of 2 and 3 star reviews then you're not going to make as much money as you could by having 4 and 5 star reviews. So great reviews will equal more revenue.