Reviews Matter – The New Rebusify Confidence System

After 6 months of design and development, Rebusify is extremely excited to announce the launch of the new Rebusify Confidence System. Complete with new features and a brand new look including support for Shopify, SquareSpace, BigCommerce, WordPress, WooCommerce, Wix, Joomla and custom integrations for those custom eCommerce websites!

Rebusify Confidence System CMS Integrations

Available today for every new and existing merchant. Features include:

  • New Review Invitations
  • New Review Analytics
  • New Shopify Integration
  • New SquareSpace Integration
  • New BigCommerce Integration
  • New Wix Integration
  • New Joomla Integration
  • New Custom Integration

New Review Invitations – Merchants can now login to their new dashboard and send up to 10 review invitations each day. Review invitations are sent out via email and contain a special URL for your customers to click on to leave a review for your product or service. This helps increase your brand and reputation.

New Review Analytics – View all of your review data including reviews and review invitations coming into your system. Custom reports and more.

Review Badges – Promote your reviews on your website with the Rebusify Review Badge. Show your customers your Rebusify ranking right on your website.

New CMS Integrations – The long awaited CMS integrations are finally here. All Shopify, SquareSpace, BigCommerce, WordPress, WooCommerce, Wix, SiteReviews and Joomla site owners can now use the Rebusify Confidence System to capture their customers reviews on purchases they make. Customers have the choice to leave the review at that moment or email them a special link to review later.

Custom Integrations – Do you own a custom eCommerce website and don’t have a review solution? The Rebusify Confidence System now includes integrations for any custom built eCommerce website. This unique JavaScript integration allows any type of eCommerce website to use the Rebusify Confidence System simply by pasting a small block of code on your thank you page.