Rich Snippet Review Data Added

Rebusify is pleased to announce that Rich Snippet Review data has been added to all company profile pages and is now being indexed by Google.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets or Rich Results are additional Google search results with additional data displayed with them. This extra data is pulled from Structured Data markup found in a site’s coding. Some of the most common Rich Snippets include reviews, recipes and events and in the case here at Rebusify, we use the reviews aspect of Rich Snippets to display your review data in Google’s search results.

What does this mean?

When one of your customers does a review search on Google for your domain name they will find your Rebusify results and in those results you’ll see review stars, the average number of stars along with number of reviews. Below is a screenshot from one of our merchants.

Rich Snippet Review Data

By having Rich Snippet results linking to your Profile Page, you’re going to increase the organic traffic to your page. This in turn creates more traffic to your website and if you’ve got good reviews then this is going to create more customers and more revenue for you. On average, Rebusify merchants see an increase of 15% or more in added revenue.

As a bonus, you can add 3 company products to your company profile page. This increases exposure for your brand. People are going to see your reviews so what better way and time to present them your top 3 products than when they’re looking at your reviews? It’s a win win.

How can I add Review Stars?

To have your Google results display Rich Snippet Review stars then you need to have a company profile page as well as reviews on that page. If you already have your company profile page activated then all you need to do is start sending reviews to it. Reach out to your customer base as well as promote reviews on your website. Once you start getting reviews on your company profile page then you’ll start seeing review results on Google.

Keep in mind that it can take a few weeks for these enhanced results to start showing up on Google’s results so the right time to start pushing reviews to your profile page is now. Why put off tomorrow what can be done today?


Having Google results that show Rich Snippets helps increase brand exposure as well as revenue.