RipOffReport is Extortion, Care of Bill O’Reilly

“RipOffReport is extortion”, says Bill O’Reilly. You know it’s a sad day for a review site when it’s showcased on a major news network as an extortion site. For many, this is actually common knowledge, but millions of people still take reviews posted on RipOffReport, TrustPilot, PissedConsumer, and other review sites seriously. Don’t take my word for it, just watch the video below.

Bill O’Reilly Got it Right on RipOff Report

Whether or not you agree with the man’s politics, Bill O’Reilly hit the nail on the head. Let’s break down what Bill is actually saying. RipOffReport and other business review sites allow anyone, regardless of whether or not they are a customer, to post a review about a company. This opens the door to competitors to post fake, slanderous reviews about your business. Anyone that has had this problem has likely seen their revenue suffer as a result.

These companies have every incentive to continue this behavior. Whenever a review is posted on one of these sites, it becomes indexed by Google and tends to appear in Google’s top 10 search results. Every comment that gets added to a review will also get indexed by Google and other major search engines. This also creates advertising space for these companies, allowing them to profit from your misfortune.

Once your business receives a negative review on RipOffReport or a similar site, they will try to sell you reputation management services. Essentially, they will try charge you money to have the negative review removed from your profile. The fact that these sites allow this amounts to extortion; they allow competitors to slander your company, and then they try to sell you mafia-style protection in response.

Sure, there are some companies out there with shoddy products and poor customer service, but the only person that should be reviewing a company are customers that actually bought something. Competitors should not be allowed to review your company. This is where you need a service that helps you build trust with potential customers and effectively counters the fake information that can appear on RipOffReport and other business review sites.

Why You Need Rebusify

Don’t try to negotiate with the likes of RipOffReport. Rebusify is here to provide honesty and transparency at a time where anyone can create a fake identity and slander your business. With the Rebusify Confidence System, only real customers are allowed to review your company. Those reviews are those transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as well as our own private blockchain, making them impossible to modify or fake. Your reviews from real customers will appear on your company profile page on, and these real reviews will show up in search engine results. Customers deserve to know the truth about your business and your products, and Rebusify is here to help you build that trust.