is Extortion is Extortion

“ is Extortion”, says Bill O’Reilly. You know it’s a sad day for fake review sites when you’re showcased on a major news station as an extortion site but do we really need to be told this? This is common knowledge yet there are millions of people that read into what RipOffReport as well as others like TrustPilot, SiteJabber,┬áPissedConsumer are allowing on their sites. Don’t take my word for it. Simply watch the video below. This is merely one example in a pool of millions!

Not only do these companies get away with doing what they’re doing but their doing it in such a way that makes them millions simply because for each review that is posted, it becomes indexed by Google and that appears in the top 10 results of Google. Then add in the the countless comments that get added to it and that result will stay there in the top 10 on Google. This amounts to over 30% in lost revenue to the targeted company.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some bad companies out there but the only person that should be reviewing the company are the customers that actually bought something. A competitor should NOT be allowed to review the company. A disgruntled employee should NOT be allowed to review a company. Sites like SiteJabber, TrustPilot and others all allow ANYONE to post a review of a company and this brings in the bad actors hell bent on destroying real reputable companies.

With the Rebusify Confidence System and our patent pending blockchain technology, only real customers are allowed to review the company. This is through actual transactions that actual customers have made with the merchant then those transactions are recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain and impossible to fake.

Join us in bringing back reputation to the companies that deserve it.