October 10, 2018


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Frequently Asked Questions

Company Profile Link Not Working

In the My Account area if you click on Company Profile and it doesn’t redirect you to your Company Profile page then you haven’t installed the Rebusify Woocommerce Extension on your WordPress website.

Be sure to install the plugin on your site as well as put in your Email and Serial Key. Once you do that your Company Profile page will be created for you.

Where can I find the Woocommerce Extension?

If you're using WordPress and Woocommerce and want to show reviews from your customers then pick a Plan and download the Rebusify Confidence System Extension for WordPress.

You can download the plugin from your Account Area.

Should you require assistance please be sure to use the support form to the right.

I use Woocommerce, how can I use the RCS?

If you use Woocommerce and want to add real reviews from your real customers then follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to Plans and pick a plan.
  2. Download the Rebusify Confidence System which is the Woocommerce Extension Plugin.
  3. Activate the serial key by taking your serial key from your Account Area here and copy/paste it into the plugin settings in your WP admin area.
  4. Now you're active and ready to go.
  5. Customers buy what you're selling. From the same account area on your site you will see two new links. They are Review Transactions and Review Replies.
  6. For every transactions your customers do they have 30 days to review the transaction. Each time you reply to the review the customer can reply as well. The customer will reply in the Review Replies section on your site.
  7. For all replies to customer reviews, you can do that here via your account area.
  8. All reviews are posted instantly as well as replies. You as well as your customers can see them via your company profile page here at Rebusify.com.
  9. If you're using a Lite or Pro plan then all your customer reviews will be posted to the Ethereum Blockchain.

How do I get my company reviews on the blockchain?

As an optional component of the Rebusify Confidence System you can have your reviews posted to the Ethereum Blochchain. By doing this you add another level of authenticity to your customer reviews as the reviews are added to the blockchain and therefore can't be faked. This is a permanent record of the review.

This option is available in the Lite and Pro Plans of the Rebusify Confidence System.

How to verify reviews on the Ethereum Blockchain?

For merchants that use either the Lite or Pro plans, your customer reviews will be posted to the Ethereum Blockchain. Here are the steps to verify the reviews on the blockchain.

  1. All your reviews will be searchable from the front page of Rebusify.com.
  2. They view your customer profile page to see the reviews.
  3. To the right of each review you will see the Ethereum logo and the text “Verify Review".
  4. Clicking that will take you to etherscan.io where you can see the actual transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.
  5. Scroll down to where you see Input Data. There you will find a drop down box. Select UTF-8 and to the right you will see the actual review.

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