The Problem with Reputation Management Companies

If you’ve ever seen a negative review about your business on social media or a fly-by-night business review site, your mind probably starts racing with questions. Who would do this to me? Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? Unless a dissatisfied customer reached out to you directly, the review is probably fake.

Real dissatisfied customers will let tell you they are dissatisfied. They want you to know their problems and they want you to change it. They will likely reach out to you on Facebook or LinkedIn, through your contact page, or directly via phone. Dissatisfied customers want their problems solved and will ask you to do what you can to get their problems fixed.

When it comes to fake negative reviews, these bogus reviewers will slander your company on social media, or they’ll head to a website that allows anyone to post a review of any company, regardless of whether or not they are a customer. Unfortunately, customers that are considering buying your products or services might see these fake reviews and take them seriously. If these reviews are written decently, they can appear convincing, ultimately hurting your revenue and your business.

Thinking of Using Reputation Management Companies? Think Again…

Reputation management companies will take two steps to try to suppress fake negative reviews. First, they will try to go through the proper channels for removing a fake review and will provide whatever evidence they can to support their claim. Unless the review was written by Mickey Mouse or Rocky Stallone, you have next to zero chance to take down the fake review unless you pay the review site thousands of dollars.

At this point, the reputation management company will fight fire with fire. They will try to drown out the fake negative reviews with fake positive reviews. The ultimate goal is to push the fake reviews down to the bottom of the list and bring your average rating as close to 5 stars as possible. Unless the fake reviewers give up and start trolling elsewhere, you’ll have to pay an expensive retainer to a reputation management company.

Outside of using reputation management companies, your other option is to take the review site to court in order to force the company to take down the fake reviews. The costs involved will start piling up quickly, and there is no guarantee that a court will find in your favor. By law, US-based business review sites cannot be held liable for the content other people post on their site.

Enter Rebusify: Holding Businesses and Reviewers Accountable

This underscores the need for a branded solution that links real customers to real reviews about real purchases. The Rebusify Confidence System gives customers the assurance they need to know that reviews about your business are real. The reviews seen by your customers are immutable, meaning they cannot be changed by the merchant or by Rebusify . This allows customers to hold merchants accountable, and it allows the best merchants to shine above their competition.

Rebusify is here to create transparency and honesty at a time online where anyone can create a fake identity and slander your business. Potential customers deserve to know the truth about your business, and Rebusify is here to help build that trust.