Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain

Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain

The title of our blog post isĀ Trusted Reviews On The Blockchain and that’s exactly how the Rebusify Confidence System (RCS) works. Days of fake negative reviews destroying good merchants are over!

The RCS and our patent pending blockchain technology works like this. For example; A Woocommerce merchant downloads and installs the Woocommerce RCS Extension and every time a customer on their website makes a purchase, that customer has 30 days to review the transaction with 1 through 5 stars and adds comments to the review. That review and its content is recorded to the Ethereum blockchain via the RCS Smart Contract and is given a blockchain transaction ID. That ID along with the review is recorded via API over to and becomes index by Google and searchable on the front page of

What does this mean? It means that only real customers can review the merchant. Days of allowing anyone to post a review are gone with the RCS system. For far too long anyone with an axe to grind, competitor or disgruntled employee can post anything they want on sites like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, PissedConsumer and more which amounts to around 30% of lost revenue for that merchant. This type of unchecked behavior has destroyed countless online businesses and that is going to stop now! It’s unfair and unethical.

Using the RCS puts trusted reviews on the blockchain and gives back what these other review sites have been taking for years, their reputation and revenue. Be sure to check out our blog on theĀ Fake Reviews Analytics.



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