TrustJacked by TrustPilot

TrustJacked by TrustPilot

Rebusify had a conversation recently with Andrew about fake reviews that were being posted on TrustPilot and TrustPilot wouldn’t remove them. Here’s Andrews story.

2 Years Ago Andrew spotted fake negative reviews against his companies websites and having experienced this before he was able to investigate and identify the competitor behind it.

This led to exposing dozens of fake positive reviews for their competitor on Trustpilot – As Andrews company’s TrustScore dropped from 9.2 to below 7.0, Trustpilot then sold them reputation management services and allowed them to post fake positive reviews while removing negative ones. This means that TrustPilot company and Trustscores are brought into serious suspicion. Why? Because with TrustPilot, it’s a Pay to Play setup. You pay them and then they can remove fake negative reviews and allow for fake positive reviews.

The “Special Compliance / Fake Review Detection Software” is a scam says Andrew, it does not take long to work out that it is not just unfit for purpose, it’s not actually a fake review detection software at all.

It is designed to help capture opportunities for TrustPilot to remove real positive reviews and hijack companies reviews using fake negative reviews.

This is nothing new for TrustPilot and the likes. This is how the fake review industry is making millions off of fake reviews. It’s time this stops just for the simple fact that a business should not be destroyed by fake online reviews. Rebusify is determined and committed to change this industry because it’s the right thing to do.