TrustJacked by TrustPilot Reviews

For those who aren’t familiar with TrustPilot, this company allows anyone to post anything they want about any company they want, opening the door to competitors and internet trolls who are out to slander your business. Rebusify recently had a conversation with Andrew about fake reviews that were being posted about his business on TrustPilot. Here’s Andrews story.

Two years ago, Andrew spotted fake negative reviews against his company that were posted on TrustPilot. Having experienced this before, Andrew took it upon himself to investigate, and he was able to identify the competitor that posted these fake reviews.

This led to exposing dozens of fake positive “verified order” reviews on Trustpilot for Andrews competitor – But Trustpilot took several months to remove the fake reviews and could not explain how victims of the #fieldsdatarecoveryscam were finding their trustpilot accounts had been hacked and fake positive “verified order” reviews left in their names. Once removed Fields Trustscore dropped from 9.2 to below 7.0 on average – Trustpilots reputation management services allowed Fields to continue to post fake positive reviews while helping to remove real negative ones. This means that TrustPilot as company and the Trustscores of good companies are tarnished. Why? Because TrustPilot did not take action on breaches of its Terms of Service for the most well documented scam which has operated for over a decade, it confirmed Truspilot is a Pay to Play setup. You pay them and then they can remove real negative reviews and ignore breaches of Trustpilots terms of service.

Extortion by TrustPilot

“TrustPilot’s ‘Special Compliance/Fake Review Detection Software’ is a scam” says Andrew; it does not take long to see that this service cannot actually detect fake reviews. Instead, it is designed to help TrustPilot remove real positive reviews from your profile and hijack a company’s profile with fake negative reviews. This is how the fake review industry is making millions off of fake reviews; they allow anyone to slander you and your business, and then they will only remove these fake reviews if you pay them thousands of dollars.

Companies like TrustPilot are under no obligation to censor content on their site or to investigate the authenticity of any reviews. Instead, they have every incentive to allow anyone to post a fake review on a company’s profile. This creates an opportunity for them to market their reputation management services and even charge unwitting businesses massive sums of money to remove fake, slanderous reviews.

End the Insanity With Rebusify

Rebusify is determined and committed to change the business review industry. Rebusify is committed to providing your business with the tools you need to gather and verify online reviews about your business, products, or services. The reviews that appear on Rebusify only come from customers that make an actual purchase through your site. When prospective customers view your branded profile page on Rebusify, they’ll know that the reviews they are seeing about your business are real and verified.

The success of your business depends on protecting your online reputation, and Rebusify is here to give you the tools you need to build trust with your customers.