Truth Behind TrustPilot Premium

Truth Behind TrustPilot Premium

A simple look at the truth behind TrustPilot’s premium plans and what it means to companies and their reputations.

It’s no secret that TrustPilot and the likes charge an outrageous amount for its monthly premium plans and they appear to be in line with what people have said on the Internet that TrustPilot engages in Pay to Play tactics and by looking at the price of the premium plans you could tell that it’s highly profitable for them to do so.

What that says is that if you don’t pay their monthly premium plans then they can and do allow anyone and everyone to post any review they wish. Yes, that even allows disgruntled employees, unscrupulous competitors and those with an axe to grind to post fake negative reviews about your company. The truth is that they won’t remove fake negative reviews. How do we know? We experienced it first hand. This was yet another example of why we created Rebusify. A chance to level the playing field and give back to companies what TrustPilot, SiteJabber, RipoffReport, PissedConsumer and others have been taking away for years, their reputations.

So what exactly are you paying for over there? Since there are reports that people can pay to have negative reviews removed from their profile, you’re not getting much more if more was even conceivable. A closer look shows that you’re not only paying to have reviews removed but you’re getting some nice little analytics to show you the number of reviews/communication with reviewers. This is like making you buy a whip and then hitting you with the whip! It makes no sense.

The bottom line is that TrustPilot allows ANYONE to post a review of a company. This is wrong and unethical. Only REAL customers should post a review of a company. TrustPilot, SiteJabber and others don’t play by the rules because the money is too big to walk away from. So they go unethical to make millions off of your reputation while your competitors who are posting fake negative reviews about you get away with it and your business and reputation takes a massive hit.

At Rebusify, we’re determined to stop it. By using Rebusify, you will show your potential customers that you play by the rules. So if you’re a legit company that prides itself on awesome customer service, don’t let the bad guys destroy your reputation. Join Rebusify and place the Rebusify Badge on your site and show your customers that you have real reviews from actual customers. By sending your customers to Rebusify they will know 100% that your reviews are real and to be trusted. Unlike TrustPilot!

And that my friends is the Rebusify Confidence System!