Why Blockchain Matters for Reviews

Ever since the creation of Bitcoin, blockchain has become something of a buzz word, but it is extremely important to the future of the Internet. If you’re not familiar with blockchain, then think of it in this way: a blockchain is more than just “a chain of blocks.” It is a decentralized ledger with no central point of control. For example, when you send digital money from one wallet to another, that transaction and balances are permanently stored on the blockchain. It’s impossible to cheat the blockchain or change anything that is previously stored. This makes the case for real, verifiable online reviews that much more viable.

Business Reviews on the Blockchain

Now that you understand a little about blockchain, lets take a look at how Rebusify uses it to confirm real online reviews from real customers using the Rebusify Confidence System (TCS). The TCS is a patent pending system that uses our own private blockchain. Only real reviews from real customers about real merchants are stored with our system. When a customer comes to a merchant’s website, they have to go through the merchant’s checkout process when they make a purchase. Once the checkout process is completed, the customer navigates to the Review Transactions page. Here, they have 30 days to review their transaction; they can provide a 1 through 5 star rating and leaving a text review. This review is then hashed (stored) on the blockchain and given a unique transaction ID. That transaction along with the details of the review are then ported to reviews.rebusify.com, where it becomes searchable. The search results display the review along with a link to the blockchain. This allows a prospective customer to view the hashed review, which will match the review on reviews.rebusify.com. This is the Rebusify Confidence System in action.

With the TCS, you can guarantee that all reviews you see here on Rebusify came straight from a customer via the merchant’s checkout system. These reviews cannot be created by a competitor or a disgruntled employee.

So why do other sites like TrustPilot, PissedConsumer, and others all allow anyone to review merchants? Because it’s about money. Those other review sites allow anyone to post a comment to a merchant, which increases their exposure and the value of their advertising space. That equals more money for them. Those sites don’t care about the merchants, and they don’t care if someone leaves a fake, slanderous review; all they care about is traffic. Furthermore, if you provide these companies evidence proving their reviews are faked or came from competitors, they will refuse to remove the review.

Why You Need Rebusify

Allowing non-customers to review companies is wrong for the obvious reasons. Overseas competitors, ex-employees looking to destroy a company’s reputation, and anyone with an ax to grind can leave reviews on those sites. That is exactly why the Rebusify Confidence System was created. Our goal is to uphold the reputation of honorable merchants.

No other online business review company works like Rebusify. We provide your business with the tools it needs to gather and verify online reviews from real customers. The reviews Rebusify collects can only come from customers that make purchases through your site. Your branded profile page on Rebusify allows prospective customers to see these real reviews and helps build trust. Learn more about Rebusify or contact us today.