Why Rebusify Was Started

Why We Started Rebusify

My name is Michael, and I started Rebusify from the idea that there must be real and verified reviews about companies online, that people can trust.

In 2010, I started a niche-market software company. Within a year of being in business, I began to see my sales drop and my domain popping up on random review sites like TrustPilot, SiteJabber and others. I witnessed first-hand, how review sites allowed anyone to post fake, negative reviews, with no verification.

This floored me… Random reviews from ‘customers’ I had never done business with! I could not figure out who these reviews were from, or why. About a year later, I discovered who was behind the negative reviews and why they were doing it – An overseas competitor was behind the fake, negative reviews, targeting my online reputation and business.

By using sites that allow unverified reviews, they could ruin any business and open the market for themselves. In my case, I saw a 50% drop in business and my reputation became tarnished by unethical competitors in foreign countries, leaving me with few options. This was when I became determined to combat these unethical people and their unscrupulous actions.

Sites like TrustPilot, SIteJabber, RipOffReport and others, allow ANYONE to review and comment on companies, opening the door to slanderous and reputation destroying fake reviews. It makes no sense at all – And if you think these review sites have your best interest at heart, think again – They don’t!

After much research, I discovered I was not alone. Thousands of online merchants were being attacked with fake, slanderous reviews, destroying their businesses. That is why I created Rebusify.

Here’s how it works:

We have created the Rebusify Confidence System with patent pending blockchain technology to work with Woocommerce and other payment solutions to only allow actual customers to leave real, trusted reviews on transactions they complete.

When a customer buys a product or service from sites protected by Rebusify, they have 30 days to post a familiar 1 through 5 Star Review, with a title and description. This is sent immediately to Rebusify.com as a searchable record. To ensure confidence, we’ve added cutting edge technology that stores it on the Ethereum blockchain, part of a permanent record, impossible to modify – Trusted.

Visitors to Rebusify.com can search merchant reviews and profiles with confidence – Read real reviews from actual customers – And end fake reviews from unscrupulous competitors or unethical people.

Finally, there’s a place for customers and merchants to enjoy the trust and confidence from REAL online reviews. Don’t be a victim of fake reviews – Use Rebusify.

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